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Ms Yeoh Chee Koon, Board Governor, SymAsia Foundation


Which causes can I donate to?

SymAsia aims to foster humanitarian causes, advance social development, preserve the natural world, protect the environment, support education, promote culture and the Arts and support health and sports. SymAsia provides disaster relief aid and promotes long-term projects.

SymAsia has five broad themes, namely:

• Humanitarian and social development

• Protection of nature and the environment

• Education

• Culture and the Arts

• Health and sports

However, the broad scope of the foundation allows you to establish your own foundation that reflects specific themes to meet your giving intentions.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become personally involved?
You can establish a foundation in your own name or any name of your choice and you may choose to be involved in the grant-making and project review process.?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=8549&rid=LOADED& FAQs?mid=&wid=51824&sid=&tid=8549&rid=FINISHED&custom1=projects.ifdemo FAQs

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