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SymAsia provides a platform to actually do philanthropy. It is the only platform in APAC private banking that gives clients an actual instrument to do effective philanthropy in a very easy, seamless way, with Credit Suisse providing the infrastructure, manpower and expertise.

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Who We Are

SymAsia Foundation makes the process of giving simple and effective. Since 2010, we have been partnering Donors in realizing their philanthropic aspirations through flexible and creative opportunities and programs.

As an umbrella platform, we help clients set up and run their own charitable foundations, so that they can enjoy all the benefits of having their personal foundation while secure in the knowledge that all the nitty gritty work is taken care of by a professional team of philanthropy advisors.

Through their foundations, clients decide to whom, where and how much they wish to give. Clients choose their own preferred philanthropic causes, and decide the type of support needed from our team; for example, developing your philanthropy roadmap, project sourcing, charities due diligence, impact assessment, grant reporting, foundation administration, etc.

In this way, we free up our Donors to focus on making a greater and sustainable social impact in the areas that are important for them.

SymAsia Foundation (SymAsia) is a Non-profit Organization (NPO) under the Singapore Economic Development Board's (EDB's) Tax Incentive Scheme. It is subject to an annual external statutory audit by an international public accounting firm.

SymAsia also runs the SymAsia Singapore Fund, which enjoys Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status under the Charities Act.

Our Story

The idea for SymAsia Foundation was mooted almost 15 years ago. Back then, the Donor Advised Fund concept was new to Singapore. Discussions with the Singapore regulatory authorities ensued and SymAsia Foundation was born on 11 May 2010. Our mission, then and now, is to help clients engage in philanthropy in a structured, flexible and hassle-free way.

Since our founding in 2010, we have supported philanthropists in the following ways:

  • SymAsia has supported more than 70 client families in setting up and running their own named foundations
  • We have disbursed close to USD170 million on our clients’ behalf to charitable causes all over the world
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Other highlights in the past 10 years include:

  • Facilitating a SGD 25 million gift from The Stephen Riady Group of Foundations to NUS
  • Receiving 50 million stock options fom Alibaba Group and helping the formation of the precursors of significant private foundations by certain founders
  • Launching out 1st Philanthropists Forum in 2011
  • Bespoke advisory projects for Clients

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We look forward to working with you to further your philanthropic aspirations and create a long-lasting legacy.